Ultimate Guide to Africa – For Luxury Travel is a groundbreaking digital publication that markets the African travel and tourism industry to more than 10,000 travel agents, tour operators and the general traveling public, locally and internationally.

Unlike a mere online travel directory with its endless property listings, Ultimate Guide to Africa is both a magazine and a guide, offering several levels of comprehensive content, including a ‘tried and tested’ component, all beautifully laid out with the look and feel of a magazine. It is easily searchable and downloadable in a digital format built especially for mobile viewing on a tablet, desktop, laptop or any other mobile device.


Ultimate Guide to Africa operates on several levels of content.
The driving force behind the magazine is the Presenting section, which provides a platform for the showcasing of luxury properties/destinations on a page-by-page basis, with each receiving a full page including a short textual description accompanied by access and information boxes, a large photograph and, where available, a video link.

All contact details will be active links, so readers can visit the relevant site or even email the property at a tap of the finger. Aside from its functionality, Ultimate Guide to Africa is also set apart by its in-depth editorial content. Regular editorial sections include snippets presenting travel-related products and services, an exploration of African lifestyles and cultures, an insider’s destination guide and a section offering important information pertaining specifically to travel to and within Africa. Features are open-ended and cover anything from travel-related properties to destinations, experiences and inspirations.